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I have lived in Evanston, Illinois for 35 years. For most of that time I hopped on the train to Chicago where I worked as an art/ creative director at various ad agencies. My career exposed me to an inspiring variety of talented artists, illustrators and photographers —  yet rarely left time to act on any of these inspirations in my own art outside of work.

When I retired a few years ago, I took the opportunity to build on the foundation of my career long exposure to all that talent. I have since taken up painting with pent up enthusiasm, working in gouache, acrylic and watercolor.

I paint the places I want to spend time in — places I have seen and want to revisit, as well as places that I would like to know more about through the exploration of painting them.



7/2021   New Views, Backlot Coffee ,  Evanston, IL

10/2020  Fresh from France, Three Crowns Park, Evanston, IL 

2/2019   New Gouache Paintings, Three Crowns Park, Evanston, IL


6/2021   Evanston Made Members Show, Evanston Art Center

10/2018  Third Thursday Artists, The Danon Gallery, Evanston, IL

12/2017  Painters of the Italian Landscape Workshop,  Art Endeavors, Highland Park, IL

10/2016  Color Explorations, Evanston Art Center

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